Apparel Products

Hanger Bars
• Easy-to-install plastic locking strip
• Hook slots to ensure adequate spacing between garments and prevent shifting
• Durable resin bar with smooth contoured edges
• Anchoring notches on end-caps to lock bar in place on carton
• The preferred choice of leading apparel manufacturers and distributors across the country

hanger bars

Wardrobe Boxes
• Easy to load
• Front door facilitates everyday packing for everyone
• Sturdy single- and double-wall structure
• Paper is sourced from SFI-certified suppliers

wardrobe box

Suit Boxes
• Cost-effective alternative when flat-pack is acceptable
• Great for 1 to 4 garments
• Easy set-up and loading for any packer

suit box

Apparel Programs
• All apparel products can be made available in our 25 points of distribution
• Custom supply programs can be developed to your specific requirements
• Custom sizes available upon request

Download a PDF of our Apparel Brochure